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Unlock your potential with our cutting-edge technology
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We are getting close to launching our Free course, designed to teach you everything you could need to step into a career as a business analyst!

To do this we need your help!

Many of us stumbled into the world of Business Analysis, with more potentially great BA's being blocked by finances or experience.
We are looking to change that and help bridge that gap, our first step is our Free Business Analysis Course

Sharing knowledge is a core part of our BA community and it's crucial to us that we deliver the right details to our future colleagues.
We are looking to allow early access to our course to get your feedback.

If you want to take part click the button below and fill in the form and we will be in touch!

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Tools And Toolkit

BA Buddy

Coming soon!

Our new cutting-edge AI assisted tool, unlocking your full potential.

BA Course and Toolkit

Our FREE course designed to teach business analysis without the need for previous experience
Including access to our collection of tools and techniques any Business Analyst needs, developed by some of the market's leading BAs

BA's and Articles

BA Mentors

Whether you're looking for a mentor/support or wanting to help and develop others.
See our list of BA mentors ready to help you or join in as a mentor yourself.

BA Help

We all have times where we have questions, if we didn't we wouldn't be BAs.
Ask your questions here and get responses from some of the market's leading BAs


Business Analysis & NeuroDiversity Advocates
Meet the team of BAs ready to help and support you in all things Neurodiversity.

BOATY Finalists

Our podcast with all the finalists for the BA Of The Year award presented by AssistKD - Catch-up on previous panels and ask questions for future session.